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  • Jan 2017

    New year 2017: best wishes & perspectives

    On behalf of all the IMR team we wish you a happy new year 2017. Over the past few months, we have laid the groundwork for an exciting and promising year to come. We will remain focused on achieving and improving our original activities but also officially launch our new shopping empowerment app Bomerce.

    As the new year dawns, it’s also time for us to reflect over the past year and share our perspectives for 2017. For many analysts, the world has entered a ‘post-truth’ era. We believe that, in this context, providing people with correct facts is more than never needed. We wish to contribute to a regain of trust in cultural institutions through our Web Archiving activities, in scientific progress and the power of data. By providing businesses and consumers with transparent and data-driven information, we hope to restore faith in technology and help them reach informed decisions.

    We wish you the best. The IRM Team.

  • Dec 2016

    Temporal Web Analytics Workshop (TempWeb): call for papers

    Next April, the 7th edition of the TempWeb workshop will be held for 3 days on the sunny shores of Perth, Western Australia.

    As usual, the workshop will be held in conjunction with the prestigious World Wide Web Conference - the annual forum bringing together some of the most influential members of the web community. IMR - represented by its founder Julien Masanès - is still an active member of the board of the Workshop.

    The objectives haven’t changed over the years – help shaping a community of interest on the research challenges and possibilities resulting from the introduction of the time dimension in Web analysis. This year’s edition will focus on investigating infrastructures, scalable methods, and innovative software for aggregating, querying, and analyzing heterogeneous data at Internet scale.

    The calls for papers are now open - submission deadline: January 7, 2017. We are looking forward to reading your original and clever papers and hope to see you in Perth!

  • Dec 2016

    IMR x ENSSIB: our expertise and academic commitment

    For the 5th time, IMR is about to give its annual class to students enrolled in the Digital Archiving Master 2 at ENSSIB Lyon. Ever since they’ve created this forward-looking master’s degree on Digital Archiving and Web Archiving, IMR has been giving a class to provide them with a practical example of what can be done in their field – to complete their theoretical lessons.

    We wish to prepare future students not only for their jobs as digital conservators & record managers but also broaden their views on Web Archiving goals, stakeholders, and methods. For instance, we will introduce them to our other products – B2B and B2C – to reveal them the full potential of their knowledge in Web Archiving.

    We hope the students will enjoy the class and embrace the potential of Web archiving related data in their future career!

  • Nov 2016

    Bomerce Blog: insights from the Bomerce community

    For the 1st time ever at IMR we are writing a blog animated by the Bomerce marketing and management teams. We believe blogging is one of the most valuable tools businesses can use to engage with customers. As we are developing a B2C app, we couldn’t think of an easier and more pertinent way to share our analysis, views, and tips with online buyers. We find this new challenge really exciting and hope it will result in a two-way conversation with members of the Bomerce community.

    Make sure to register to the Bomerce newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you don’t want to miss any post!

  • Nov 2016

    IMR x NLI: Remembering 1916, Recording 2016

    The National Library of Ireland as embarked this year 2016 with IMR - its long-time archiving partner - in an ‘ambitious web archiving programme, capturing over 600 websites in total’ and are building up the ‘Remembering 1916, Recording 2016’ national web archive collection. For that purpose, NLI is holding a survey on the websites that best record Irish life.

    The top websites nominated will be announced in December 2016 and will be crawled and captured with our help for their preservation.

    Irish fellows, don’t forget to vote!

  • Nov 2016

    IMR x BNF: 20 years of Web Archiving

    Next 23rd of November, the BNF, The French National Library, is organizing a symposium entitled “Il était une fois dans le web, 20 ans d’archives de l’internet en France” on the Web Archiving situation in France, its origins and future perspectives. As specialists, we have been invited to share our practitioner approach on the subject. If you don’t want to miss our intervention make sure to register for the event - tickets are free but limited. See you there to celebrate this 20y anniversary!

  • Oct 2016

    IMR x NRS: New Archiving Contract

    Good news, Scotland is to get a new Web archiving system. We won the contract after answering the call for public tender. We are looking forward to providing the National Records of Scotland – NRS – with a brand-new archiving system.

    Our service solution includes: configuration for capturing content from live websites; making content viewable to NRS staff for quality assurance; supplying archived content and metadata to NRS as required; and making a copy of archived content on a public access website.

    It’s an honor to participate in this digital adventure with NRS. Scotland here we come!

  • Oct 2016

    IMR x PASIG at the MoMA -  28th October NYC

    IMR has been invited by The Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) to participate in the 9th edition of the international conference on Digital Preservation. It will take place in NYC at the beautiful MoMA venue next Friday – 28th October.

    We are excited to hear Julien Masanès’s speech – the founder of IMR – on the future challenges and solutions in the preservation world.

    Check out the official event page and get your hands on the last remaining tickets! We will let you know how the discussion went!

  • Oct 2016

    IMR x WebSummit: 7th – 10th November in Lisbon

    We are proud to announce our participation in the next edition of the Web Summit conference in Lisbon. Internet Memory Research has been selected as a Beta Start Up to attend ‘Europe’s Largest Technology Marketplace’ and present its new B2C SaaS web and mobile app - your future shopper empowerment companion. For more info stay tuned with us on social media!

  • Jun 2016

    Mignify, the eye of e-commerce

    Would you like to know which e-commerce websites sell your products and those of your competing brands? Test Mignify’s beta, the first platform that provides a clear vision of brands sold on the Internet. Identify your potential business partners and optimize the online visibility of your brand thanks to this easy-to-use tool. Coming soon: more functionalities, an extended search perimeter and an enriched user interface!

  • Mar 2016

    IMR at “Printemps des études”, Paris

    On April 14th & 15th, IMR will participate to the Printemps des Etudes, the key fair for communication, marketing and research sector.

    We will demonstrate how our Ecommerce Intelligence Data Services answer to strategic challenges.

  • Mar 2016

    IMR at Hire.fair on march 19th, 2016

    On March 19th, 2016, Internet Memory Research will participate to the France’s Largest Digital Recruitment Fair, Hire.Fair organized by the Rude Baguette.

    For those who wish to join an innovative start-up, come to meet us there.

  • Mar 2016

    8 march : international women’s day

    As part of the Women Day, the Internet Memory produced a review of its figures in terms of parity.

    And we are proud of the results (compared to our sector)! Have a look…

  • Jan 2016

    IMR joins GS1 France

    IMR is now a member of GS1, the international organization that develops and maintains standards for retail market. For us, it’s a new step to leverage our innovative offers and to understand and meet actors in this sector.

  • Oct 2015

    e-Commerce After work

    Chloe Martin , General Manager of Internet Memory Research will attend the next meeting of Digital Tuesdays-Paris to present the innovative offers of the company in data processing for global e- commerce.

    The Digital Tuesday are events that bring together digital players willing to discuss the current trends and their latest innovation projects.

    Access the content of the meeting:

  • Oct 2015

    Wiring IMR new datacenter

    We’ve launched our new data center. 200m2 in the north of Paris.

    Everybody got involved… A lot of fun and wonderful perspectives…

  • Sep 2015

    Fnac partners IMR

    Fnac trusted Internet Memory Research as a key partner in its digital transformation : the precise monitoring of the company’s products through IMR’s unique and the most exhaustive data-base ever on the international e-commerce domain. IMR’s data-base and monitoring platform have been 5 times rewarded by the European Commission.

  • Sep 2015

    IMR at the Paris Startup Job Fair

    On September 19th, 2015, Internet Memory Research will participate to the Paris Startup Job Fair organized by the Rude Baguette. We are looking forward to meet you there.

  • Apr 2015

    Two new search engines are born

    IMR, as a parner of Tiscali’s Istella & of Qwant sources these two innovating search engines, thanks to it’s proprietary crawl technology.