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IMR products

Create your account Bomerce, the product-hunting companion for serious shoppers

Bomerce, the B2C SaaS web and mobile app, is the shopper empowerment companion providing powerful insights in a simple way.

Internet Memory Research has been used to address businesses and research centers needs in terms of data sourcing as we believe in the power of data as an asset. Nevertheless, we believe at Internet Memory Research that our powerful data insights may also serve consumers. Our international e-commerce expertise can be used to address the shortcomings of conventional online marketing and help the early purchase decision process in the most transparent way.

Not launched yet, this B2C SaaS web and mobile app has been selected to represent Internet Memory Research work as a Beta Start-Up in the official selection of the Web Summit Lisbon in November 2016. Stay connected with us on Social Media to find out soon about this upcoming service.


Beta Version Mignify, the eye of Ecommerce

Mignify is the first B2B SaaS platform able to bring a clear overview of brands sold on e-commerce websites.

The e-commerce is the channel distribution that is showing the greatest growth. It is a wonderful business lever for most companies but its pace of complexity quickens. To answer SMEs issues and help managers drive their e-commerce strategy, Internet Memory Research developed Mignify – a unique and easy-to-use efficient SaaS-based platform for professionals

It is based on artificial intelligence and benefits from our crawling infrastructures, engineers and analysts’ expertise. Basically, Mignify daily scans thousands of French and European e-commerce websites to allow industrialists and manufacturers to find their online resellers in any given country and those of their competing brands to identify other essentials websites.

The gathering and treatment of your e-commerce data will allow you to build a brand strategy and strengthen your online presence.


Find out more, the Web Archiving plateforme

ArchiveThe.Net is our historical product offering National Archives, National Libraries, audiovisual archives and other institutional players to archive their data since 2005. Internet Memory Research contributes so to the saving of cultural information of the greatest value.

It might seem, and it often feels, as though stuff on the Web lasts forever, for better and frequently for worse. Chances are, though, that it won’t. Therefore, a growing number of institutional actors such as national libraries contracts with Internet Memory and outsource Web archiving services to a transparent actor such as us.

The Web might be global but we are only a handful of visionary experts to have participated in the first web archiving initiatives. We have gained in legitimacy ever since and became a reference. Our engineers have been ensuring the continuity of the service and its improvement since 2005 – back when we were still a non-profit organization known as the Internet Memory Foundation. Our commitment to web archiving shows our original R&D orientation and justifies our highly achieved web crawling structure and our stocking and processing data capacities.