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Internet Memory Research provides big data web scale solutions for research and industry

Innovative Product Intelligence Solution

A thriving and innovative team of AI and Big Data experts

Next Generation DeepTech for Retail and Product Advertizing

Artifical intelligence meets e-commerce and supply chain


Artificial intelligence is incomparable when it comes to processing huge amount of information. Product data is now massively being digitized and what used to live in product factsheets needs to be accessible online.

We can help you with getting product information, automatically categorizing new products and all what you need for product information management. 


The product intelligence database

At Internet Memory Research we have developed the technology to automatically scan, extract and classify products data including prices, brands, category and more, effectively creating one of the largest automatically curated product information database.


International coverage

Unlike our competitors who are limited in their coverage, our product data comes from all over the world including Europe, US and Asia. We track product information from over 55000 brands with GTIN product identifiers (UPC, EAN, ISBN etc.).  There are several hundred million of products sold currently with millions new ones introduced each year. Check the fastest growing product database (700 000 products added each day!).


Deep learning applied to product information

Using the most advanced technology (deep learning) we are able to classify product down to the finest level (over 6500 categories) and map this to existing product catalogs (Amazon, Google product and more). We can take as product identifiers (UPC, EAN etc.), images, product names, description to classify the products both in fine and high level categories