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Internet Memory Research provides big data web scale solutions for research and industry

Innovative Big Data Solutions & Web Crawling Architecture for archiving and e-commerce intelligence

A thriving and innovative team of experts

R&D as a heritage, a key feature for our development

IMR a start up with a global vision 

Our Web Crawling technology backed up with a strong R&D culture serves the purpose of 3 unique data aggregator products for ecommerce and patrimonial conservation.


An overview of our products & services

  • Bomerce

    Spending too much time to find THE absolute best product to buy? Bomerce: the product-hunting companion for serious shoppers.

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  • Mignify

    Adopt Mignify, the first B2B SaaS platform – beta version - able to bring a clear overview of brands sold on e-commerce website.

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  • Archive the Net

    ArchiveThe.Net, a long-term commitment and a unique platform served by the most advanced technology.

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Latest News

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  • Nov 2016

    Bomerce Blog: insights from the Bomerce community

    For the 1st time ever at IMR we are writing a blog animated by the Bomerce marketing and management teams. We believe blogging is one of the most valuable tools businesses can use to engage with customers. As we are developing a B2C app, we couldn’t think of an easier and more pertinent way to share our analysis, views, and tips with online buyers. We find this new challenge really exciting and hope it will result in a two-way conversation with members of the Bomerce community.

    Make sure to register to the Bomerce newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Twitter if you don’t want to miss any post!

  • Nov 2016

    IMR x NLI: Remembering 1916, Recording 2016

    The National Library of Ireland as embarked this year 2016 with IMR - its long-time archiving partner - in an ‘ambitious web archiving programme, capturing over 600 websites in total’ and are building up the ‘Remembering 1916, Recording 2016’ national web archive collection. For that purpose, NLI is holding a survey on the websites that best record Irish life.

    The top websites nominated will be announced in December 2016 and will be crawled and captured with our help for their preservation.

    Irish fellows, don’t forget to vote!

  • Nov 2016

    IMR x BNF: 20 years of Web Archiving

    Next 23rd of November, the BNF, The French National Library, is organizing a symposium entitled “Il était une fois dans le web, 20 ans d’archives de l’internet en France” on the Web Archiving situation in France, its origins and future perspectives. As specialists, we have been invited to share our practitioner approach on the subject. If you don’t want to miss our intervention make sure to register for the event - tickets are free but limited. See you there to celebrate this 20y anniversary!

  • Oct 2016

    IMR x PASIG at the MoMA -  28th October NYC

    IMR has been invited by The Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) to participate in the 9th edition of the international conference on Digital Preservation. It will take place in NYC at the beautiful MoMA venue next Friday – 28th October.

    We are excited to hear Julien Masanès’s speech – the founder of IMR – on the future challenges and solutions in the preservation world.

    Check out the official event page and get your hands on the last remaining tickets! We will let you know how the discussion went!