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Internet Memory Research provides big data web scale solutions for research and industry

Innovative Big Data Solutions & Web Crawling Architecture for archiving and e-commerce intelligence

A thriving and innovative team of experts

R&D as a heritage, a key feature for our development

IMR a start up with a global vision 

Our Web Crawling technology backed up with a strong R&D culture serves the purpose of 3 unique data aggregator products for ecommerce and patrimonial conservation.


An overview of our products & services

  • Bomerce

    Spending too much time to find THE absolute best product to buy? Bomerce: the product-hunting companion for serious shoppers.

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  • Mignify

    Adopt Mignify, the first B2B SaaS platform – beta version - able to bring a clear overview of brands sold on e-commerce website.

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  • Archive the Net

    ArchiveThe.Net, a long-term commitment and a unique platform served by the most advanced technology.

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