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About Internet Memory Research

Our story

Internet Memory Research is Start-Up established in 2011 that helps businesses collect, process and activate their digital data information thanks to its large scale Web Crawlers, Data Storage and Processing capacities.

Pioneers in New Web Technologies and Big Data, Internet Memory Research benefits from one of the most exhaustive Data Analytics among international e-commerce players as we draw our knowledge from a R&D background and our historical and ongoing Web Archiving activities. Spin-off of the Internet Memory Foundation, our project was born thanks to the collective effort of more than 40 Engineers and Researches, three years of Research Projects and the participation in five European Projects.



Internet Memory Research is an active member of Cap Digital and Systematic business cluster and a key actor in the definition of the Big Data Roadmap commissioned by the European Commission (RethinkBig Project). It has been selected 5 times by the European Commission for FP7 and H2020, and by UbiFrance for the Digital Road Show Big Data, New York, 2014.

The team


  • Julien MasanèsJulien Masanès (CEO). Julien has 15 years experience in the digital management ( public, private , non-profit) and created four startups. HEC EMBA , Master in Cognitive Science .
  • Chloé MartinChloé Martin (COO acting CFO). Since her degree from HEC, Chloe has had a wide range of management experiences ranging from product development to sales and business development.
  • Stanislav BartonStanislav Barton (CTO). PhD in Computer & Post Doc. Specialist in the design and implementation of large-scale distributed systems , Stan oversees the development and technical operations.
  • France LasfarguesFrance Lasfargues(COO). France led a successful career in the National Library of France and led the establishment of legal deposit of the Web, one of the largest web archive collections. As a pioneer in this field, she brings its expertise in the design and organization of production lines and ensures quality. It supports all of our R & D projects and a regular speaker at international conferences with expert hearings.

scientific advisors

  • Philippe RigauxPhilippe Rigaux (CSO). Philippe has worked for over 20 years as an architect software, consultant and researcher in the private sector but also in public research institutes (CNAM , Univ. Paris-Sud , Univ. Dauphine , INRIA) . He is the author of over 60 publications and seven books, including Web Data Management published by Cambridge University Press in 2011.
  • Sihem Amer YahaSihem Amer Yaha, as a researcher at ATT Labs , Yahoo! Research, QCRI and now Scientific Director at the CNRS, she has been dedicated to large-scale data analysis and exploration of new paradigms of Web data : algorithms for content recommendations, analysis of news-centered data and themes, methods and algorithms to access social web data ( Delicious , Flickr ) .
  • Volker MarklVolker Markl has a considerable experience in distributed systems. He is project manager at IBM Almaden Research Center and Professor at the TU Berlin. He is also advisor to the Ministry of Economy and Technology in Germany and at the European Commission on Big Data and is President of several prestigious international conferences including VLDB.