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IMR products

Beta Version Mignify, the Product Intelligence API

Mignify is the largest and most international Product Intelligence solution.

It enables you to access all types of information on the hundreds of millions of products sold online worldwide. This includes brand, trader number (GTIN, UPC, EAN), product description and images, categorization, prices and more.

We are now launching the Product Intelligence API, enabling direct connection to product management systems: Catalog Management Software, Product Information Management (PIM), Pricing solution etc.

This API is also a fantastic enabler for new applications development (mobile commerce apps, scanner etc., supply chain management and more)

Finally, it gives for the first-time easy access to powerful product data including product category, brand etc. for advertising, fraud detection, financial analysis and many more applications.

Based on cutting age artificial intelligence used to sort, normalize and organize data, it benefits from our unique data crawling and processing infrastructure.


Create your account Bomerce, the product-hunting companion for serious shoppers

Bomerce, is a demonstrator of what can be achieved with our Product Intelligence solution.

Using a browser extention, It enables shoppers to store in one place all the product they find online. They can also share shopping lists with relatives to get advices before buying or to buy together.

Bomerce is a new and universal shopping bag which can match products to detect alternative offers. Give it a try!


Find out more, the Web Archiving plateforme

We help organizations collect, preserve and analyse web content. enables you to crawl and archive sites, detect the publication genre (news, e-commerce, blog, company website etc.) and give access by replaying back the content online.

If you have specific needs to collect, classify and preserve web content, we have a wide range of solutions to do this at scale, including powerful indexing, quality checking, analytics and more. Please do not hesitate to contact us.