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Research & Development

R&D at IMR

#TECHNOLOGY Our ongoing R&D activities have made possible the leverage of the technology that today also benefits to our latest activities as we developed our startup branch. R&D is our core identity as we started as the Internet Memory Foundation. We believe that the access to R&D infrastructure is crucial for the competitiveness and successrate of e-commerce startups has they constantly need better ways to juggle all this data.

#INNOVATION R&D has also fostered our innovation culture as digital entrepreneurs. It explains our current explorations and our dynamic spirit that impel us to develop different projects that are all intertwined on a broader view.

#TRANSPARENCY These early stages R&D activities have for sure affected our work ethic: transparency first in every project - especially regarding our e-commerce activities. When private information and habit-related data is involved, we have a zero-tolerance for corruption policy.