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Research & Development


ASAP, Adaptive, highly Scalable Analytics Platform

A three-year European project funded by the European Commission through the Seventh Research Framework Program (FP7-ICT / STREPS) and under Project No 619706. The project started in March 2014.

ASAP project proposes a unified, open-source execution framework for scalable data analytics. Its main idea is that no single execution model is suitable for all types of tasks and no single data model (and store) is suitable for all types of data.

Our contribution:

  • A large dataset of 100M Web streams enriched, extended and refreshed throughout the project lifetime to reach a repository of about 200TB of annotated and indexed content.
  • Framing the use case requirements in terms of functionality, efficiency, and quality of service.
  • Reviewing the query model according to the ASAP programming model, with focus on the use case requirements fulfillment, namely continuous execution, scalability, robustness, quality of service, etc.

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