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Research & Development


Streamline is a project funded by EU under Horizon 2020 framework.

Through the STREAMLINE platform, the capture, analysis, data curation, search, storage, transfer and data visualization will offer European companies a substantial competitive advantage that will allow them to increase their brand loyalty rates by narrowing down their target and personalizing their communication with clients.

From the consumption of digital content (text, audio, video, games, etc.) and telecommunication services, STREAMLINE will offer its users multisectoral analytics.

The impact will certainly be felt in commerce and service oriented companies but also in sectors as diverse as health, industry or transportation within the whole European spectrum.

This fundamental tool aims to dim the difficulty of accessing Big Data inside the European community and help both small and medium companies to gain more knowledge of their market and, hence, improve their offer. At the same time, an open source application like STREAMLINE will put Europe in a very good position to conquer the leadership on what concerns gathering and processing Data Sets.

Amongst all the companies and institutes that are part of this purchase financing pool, it is possible to account 18 registered patents, international renowned scientists and researchers (winners of innumerous prizes), top entrepreneurs and mentors of several companies and projects.

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